Taste of Ethiopia
Our Food

For those that are skeptical of what you may find, just imagine a new take on the food your grandmother would server. Beef Tibs, green beans, lentils, cabbage, lamb, chicken, collard greens and potatoes piled high on a plate of injera bread used to scoop the food onto your pallet. We dare you to find an unnatural ingredient displayed before you. And don't worry about the kids, with four of her own Woinee knows how to make any face smile. We also invite you to try thevegetarian lunch buffet served on weekdays from 11 a.m to 2 p.m.We bet you won't miss the meat!
Come for the food stay for coffee
Coffee has such a deep meaning in Ethiopian culture. From its different brewing style to its amazing taste, Ethiopian coffee is exceptional. Ethiopia is where coffee meats tradition, or in other word Ethiopia’s gift to the world. We brew our coffee at Taste of Ethiopia the traditional way and serve our customers that unique experience.

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